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Belgian kerrotaan valinneen F-35:n uudeksi hävittäjäkseen
KASPERI SUMMANEN | 22.10.2018 | 10:16
Belgian median mukaan hävittäjäkilpa on ratkennut.

Belgialainen La Libre uutisoi Belgian hävittäjäkilvan ratkenneen ja sen voittajaksi selvinneen amerikkalaisen Lockheed Martinin valmistaman F-35:n.

Lehden mukaan valinta aiotaan julkistaa lähipäivinä. Asiasta on kerrottu myös muissa belgialaismedioissa. Tässä siitä uutisoi esimerkiksi VRT.

Belgian hävittäjähanke muistuttaa vaihtoehdoiltaan ja aikataulultaan Suomen Hornetien korvaajan etsintää. Belgia haluaa korvata amerikkalaisista F-16-hävittäjistä koostuvan hävittäjäkalustonsa vuosina 2023-2030. Belgia aikoo ostaa 34 uutta hävittäjää.

Kilvan ensi vaiheessa ehdokkaina olivat F-35:n lisäksi muutkin Suomenkin hävittäjähankkeessa mukana olevat koneet eli amerikkalainen Boeing Super Hornet, ranskalainen Dassault Rafale, yhteiseurooppalainen Eurofighter Typhoon ja ruotsalainen Saab JAS Gripen. Suomen kisassa mukana on Boeingilta lisäksi myös Super Hornetin elektronisen sodankäynnin Growler-versio.

Kaikki muut paitsi Typhoon ja F-35 vetäytyivät lopulta Belgian hävittäjähankkeesta. La Libre toteaa kaikkien sen lähteiden niin politiikassa, virkamiehistössä, teollisuudessa kuin asevoimissakin kertovan, että viimeisen harkinnan voitti F-35.

Päättämättä on lehden tietojen mukaan toistaiseksi, hankitaanko koneet suoraan Yhdysvalloissa vai valmistetaanko ne Euroopassa. F-35-koneita on rakennettu Italiassa. Myös pilottien ja teknisen henkilökunnan koulutuspaikkoja mietitään yhä. ... ref=rns_tw ... um=twitter
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Belgia on virallisesti 12. maa joka tilasi F-35 hävittäjän.
Sillä korvataan yksi parhaista eli f-16

On muuten hienoa kuvaa... :poppari:
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Jos vielä ryssäntrollit alkaa kertomaan kuinka kalliita ne ovat niin :kill:
Eli nyt se massatuotanto alkaa näyttää voimansa.

“The offer from the Americans was the best in all our seven evaluation criteria,” he later told reporters.

The jets, which can avoid detection and tracking by enemy radars or heat sensors, aim to offer NATO allies technological superiority with additional capabilities such as the ability to disrupt enemy communications networks and navigation signals.

The pick makes Belgium the 12th country to choose the F-35, which comes in three variants - the F-35A conventional take-off and landing model, the F-35B, a short take-off or vertical landing version, and the F-35C, used aboard aircraft carriers.

Belgium has chosen the conventional version of the plane, with the first deliveries scheduled for 2023.

Vice Admiral Mat Winter, U.S. F-35 program chief, said the decision would further strengthen ties between the United States and Belgium and make it easier for the two countries’ air forces to work together on future missions.

The decision is a setback for Britain, Germany, Italy and Spain, who are behind the Eurofighter program, and also means the rejection of an informal French offer to sell Belgium the Rafale fighter built by Dassault Aviation (AVMD.PA).

However, Britain’s BAE Systems (BAES.L) is also a partner on the F-35 project.

Belgium’s decision raises the stakes for Eurofighter in Germany, Switzerland and Finland, which also plan to buy new warplanes, industry executives said.

Eurofighter also sees good prospects in Canada, which was part of the initial F-35 partnership, but has not made a decision to buy the U.S. aircraft. Exact terms of the Canadian competition are due to be released next year.

Prime Minister Charles Michel’s government said despite a strong desire to support European allies, the F-35 was cheaper for Belgium over the long term, coming in 600 million euros ($684 million) under what the government budgeted for.

The total price of the deal, including the jets, pilot training, hangars and upkeep until 2030 was worth 4 billion euros, Vandeput said, compared with the original budget of 4.6 billion euros.

Over the 40-year life of the aircraft, the deal will cost Belgium 12.4 billion euros, rather than the 15 billion euros first projected, he said.

Belgium looks to have benefited from Lockheed Martin’s strategy to reduce the cost of the jets as production has increased. U.S. President Donald Trump and other U.S. officials have criticized the F-35 program for delays and cost overruns.

Each plane is likely to cost Belgium around 76 million euros, slightly less than the amount paid by the Netherlands and Italy, according to Belgian newspaper Le Soir, citing a closed-door briefing by Belgian air force personnel to lawmakers on Wednesday, when the final decision was taken.

Lockheed Martin Corp
Michel also defended the decision to choose a U.S. company over European neighbors as a way to balance loyalties to the American-led NATO alliance and defense spending in Europe.

“We are choosing cooperation with NATO and for European defense,” Michel told the news conference. He said money saved on the F-35 would be used for other defense projects.

With defense spending just under 0.9 percent of economic output on defense in 2017, Belgium is one of the worst performers in trying to meet a NATO target of 2 percent by 2024, which Trump says is already too low and should be at least 3 percent.

Deputy Prime Minister Kris Peeters said 30 percent of the components for the F-35 will also come from Europe.

($1 = 0.8765 euros)

Tesla posts profit; shares soar
Additional reporting by Alastair Macdonald and Philip Blenkinsop in Brussels, and Andrea Shalal in Berlin; Editing by Adrian Croft and Alexandra Hudson

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With Brexit talks in gridlock, British truckers plan for the worst
Kate Holton

BIRMINGHAM, England (Reuters) - Transport company boss Chris Blackburn is contemplating spending almost a million pounds for a chance to keep his trucks on European roads if Britain leaves the EU without a deal in March.

Chris Blackburn operations director at Chambers and Cook Freight Ltd, poses for a photograph in Birmingham, Britain October 15, 2018. Photograph taken on October 15, 2018. REUTERS/Andrew Yates
Upgrading the emissions standards of his fleet would allow him to compete for the 984 annual European travel permits allocated for British trucks next year.

Competition will be fierce. Some 38,000 British trucks routinely drive in the EU and, if there is no Brexit deal, they will only be able to carry on with a permit. Britain’s EU membership meant they have never needed one before.

Even if Blackburn funds the upgrade, there is no guarantee the government will consider his business, moving industrial and construction equipment, important enough to give him permits.

Losing access would put a major strain on his 93-year-old family firm, Chambers & Cook, which has annual revenue of around 20 million pounds.

With barely five months to go, Britain has yet to agree exit terms and companies do not know how they will trade with the world’s largest trading bloc.

Blackburn’s predicament highlights the uncertainty of an industry which moves around 420 billion pounds ($547 billion) of goods between Britain and Europe each year to support manufacturers, retailers and even musicians.

“No or too few permits would be catastrophic,” the 53-year-old said at his Birmingham base, overlooking the M6 motorway.

“It is a gamble. It’s a massive cost.”

Many businesses are preparing for the worst, a no-deal where newly installed customs checks delay the movement of goods, leading to tailbacks and shattering cross-border supply chains.

For the haulage and freight industry that means applying for permits and international driving licenses, increasing warehouse space in Britain and Europe, ramping up customs capabilities and looking into European vehicle registration.

Chris Blackburn operations director at Chambers and Cook Freight Ltd, poses for a photograph in Birmingham, Britain October 15, 2018. Photograph taken on October 15, 2018. REUTERS/Andrew Yates
They are also trialing different ports in case Dover, Britain’s main gateway to Europe, becomes gridlocked, delaying the daily movement of up to 16,000 trucks.

Under government plans, two motorways and an airport in the south of England will be used as car parks if needed.

“Every hour that a vehicle is standing costs 50 pounds because they’re not earning,” Richard Burnett, chief executive of the Road Haulage Association told Reuters. “Within weeks we would see haulage companies go out of business.”

The government says it is confident of securing a deal but that the industry should prepare to use permits. It will also seek new bilateral agreements as quickly as possible if needed.

For Blackburn, the priority is to get his company into shape to win as many permits as possible, so he can then juggle his resources by, for instance, allowing a driver set for Europe to pick up a permit from one returning to the UK.

The annual ECMT permits are issued by the International Transport Forum each year for travel in 43 countries including Russia, Turkey, Albania and Armenia and EU member states.

The annual permits, only for trucks meeting Euro 6 emissions standards, have rarely been used by British trucks as they typically only travel in the EU. Britain will allocate them to hauliers based on goods and travel frequency.

Chambers & Cook sends up to 20 trucks into Europe a day, mostly through Dover but it also has operations in the north east port of Immingham.

While the vast majority of goods go via Dover’s fast roll-on, roll-off ships, Immingham and other ports offer unaccompanied trade, where loaded trailers are picked up around the country, dropped at the port and left to be loaded onto European-bound vessels.

The service is slower and limited in its capacity however, but the fact that hauliers used to fast trade are considering such options show the level of concern.

James Colson, overseeing Brexit planning for Yusen Logistics and its 2,000 UK staff, could use Portsmouth and Poole on the south coast for France and the Iberian peninsula, or Harwich, Hull, and Newcastle for northern Europe and Scandinavia.

Chris Blackburn operations director at Chambers and Cook Freight Ltd, poses for a photograph in Birmingham, Britain October 15, 2018. Photograph taken on October 15, 2018. REUTERS/Andrew Yates
“They’re already pretty full, hence why we’re starting now,” he said, of their early trials.

Colson hopes to get permits as Yusen moves goods for mainstream sectors including automotive, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, and retail.

Businesses operating in more niche areas are worried that they will not be considered important enough for the permits.

Transam Trucking’s fleet of black trucks are built for moving the stages, screens and sound equipment used by the likes of U2, Elton John and Iron Maiden.

“People are looking for tours next summer and customers are asking questions,” Transam’s Natasha Highcroft told Reuters.

Winners, losers from new USMCA trade deal
Only 60 of Transam’s 150 trucks are Euro 6 emissions standard so this would also limit permit use. The value of the goods they move, and the tight timeframes required, mean they could not do unaccompanied shipping.

David Rogers and his family-owned EM Rogers moves cars all over Europe for testing. He hopes they would be a priority due to Britain’s leading role in the global automotive chain, but nothing is clear. “It’s frightening,” he said. “There aren’t many people who can do what we’re doing”.

Rogers has a business in the Netherlands and could increase the number of trucks registered there, but that is not an option available to many.

The alarm comes at a difficult time for the industry, with many British firms saying they have struggled to compete against European companies with cheaper labor and diesel.

Supporters of leaving the EU have always acknowledged it could cause short term disruption but say ultimately Britain will be freed of red tape and able to trade more widely. A survey of truck drivers taken before the 2016 referendum showed a majority backed Brexit.

Blackburn, talking next to photographs showing Chambers & Cook trucks from the 1960s and 1970s, said he could not understand why politicians were taking so long to agree a deal.

“They’ve had a lot of time and haven’t achieved anything,” he said. “As it’s looking like there’s a significant chance of no deal, our current plan is to assume that happens.”

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Macron arvostelee Belgian päätöstä ostaa F-35-hävittäjiä
F-35 on ehdolla myös Suomen seuraavaksi hävittäjäksi.
Ranskan presidentti Emmanuel Macron arvostelee Belgian päätöstä valita ilmavoimiensa seuraavaksi hävittäjäksi yhdysvaltalainen F-35.

Macronin mukaan amerikkalaishävittäjän osto eurooppalaisen kaluston sijaan on ”strategisesti vastoin eurooppalaista etua”.

Belgia ilmoitti eilen hankkivansa yhteensä 34 F-35A-hävittäjää. F-35:n kanssa Belgian valinnasta kilpaili loppuvaiheessa yhteiseurooppalainen Eurofighter Typhoon. Molemmat ovat mukana, kun Suomi valitsee seuraajaa Hornet-hävittäjille.
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Dassault Rafale vetäytyi Kanadan hävittäjäkisasta. Jäljelle jäi Boeing,LM,Saab ja Airbus.

The move leaves four companies — U.S. aerospace giants Lockheed Martin and Boeing, European competitor Airbus and Swedish firm Saab — competing for the $19-billion contract to replace Canada’s 76 CF-18s with 88 new fighters.

A contract isn’t expected to be awarded until 2021 or 2022, with delivery of the first new aircraft slated for 2025. In the meantime, the government is planning to upgrade its CF-18s and buy 25 used fighters from Australia as a stopgap. ... n-sources/
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ViestiKirjoittaja Keke Ilomaa » 08.11.2018 23:00

Ostetaan ne kaikki :idea:
I got myself a Cadillac
But I can't afford the gasoline
Keke Ilomaa
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Re: Suomen hävittäjävaihtoehdoista keskustelua...

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F-35:n kaikki tulevat mahdollisuudet eivät ole vielä kenenkään tiedossa.

Kone on häivehävittäjä, joten vastustajan ei pitäisi nähdä sitä tutkallaan. F-35 taas havaitsee kauas. Pilotti näkee kypärästään koneen rungon läpi joka suuntaan.

F-35:n tärkein ominaisuus on kuitenkin datan keruu ja jako. Koneet voivat välittää näkemänsä myös maa- ja merivoimille.

Amerikkalainen F-35-kouluttaja everstiluutnantti Pete Lee kertoo lentäjän tärkeimmän ominaisuuden olevan datan käsittely- ja päätöksentekokyky.

– 23-vuotiaat ovat vastuussa 100 miljoonan dollarin koneista, mutta he ovat parempia kuin minä aikanaan. Ehkä se johtuu videopeleistä, Lee sanoo.

F-35 on yhtä lailla lentokone kuin päivitettävä tietokone. Sen kaikkia kykyjä ei edes tiedetä ennen kuin videopelisukupolvi tarttuu puikkoihin ja alkaa kehittää taktiikoita.

F-35:n ohjelmistoja päivitetään, ja koneen tuotanto nykyisellään jatkuu pitkälle 2040-luvulle loppupuolelle. Tilauksia on yli 3000. Viimeksi F-35 voitti Belgian tarjouskilpailun.

Suorituskyky valinnan tärkein kriteeri
Suomen seuraavan hävittäjän on palveltava 2060-luvulle asti.

Suomen 64 hävittäjän kaupan muut ehdokkaat ovat Boeingin Super Hornet (USA), Eurofighterin Typhoon (Britannia), Dassaultin Rafale ... ti/810358/
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